“As image-bearer of God, man possesses the possibility both to create something beautiful and to delight in it. … The world of sounds, the world of forms, the world of tints, and the world of poetic ideas, can have no other source than God; and it is our privilege as bearers of his image, to have a perception of this beautiful world, artistically to reproduce, and humanly to enjoy it.” (Abraham Kuyper; Calvinism, pp. 142,156-157)

Artistic expressions of life and nature

Laurie Henry

Laurie Henry is relatively new to the art world having taken up watercolor in 2009. In February of 2013, Laurie happened upon alcohol ink, an archival, ink typically used in stamping and scrapbooking. Seeing the incredible vibrancy and unusual behavior of the inks, she instantly became addicted to them as a painting medium winning first place in the McKinney Adult art show in April 2014 for her painting “The Composer”.

A long time teacher having taught in the McKinney ISD for 10 years, Laurie received MISD Teacher of the Year in 2006.  In 2008, Laurie founded the company Trinity Science Solutions that presents earth and space science classes all over Texas using huge inflatable canyon and earth models.  (www.trinitysciencesolutions.com) She has just self-published her first picture book Marible McTuft’s Grand Adventure (www.maribelmctuft.com)

Laurie now lives in Gunter TX having recently moved there from McKinney. She is married to her college sweetheart, Joe, and has two grown sons, Cory and Cody.  She also loves camping, canoeing, and feeding the birds and squirrels that visits the wooded creek in her backyard.